LOT 59

The pattern is square, with large plots. The garage on the first floor leads to

the dining room, links the kitchen, vertically distributed living room, faces the

floor to floor window of 6.6 meters wide, enjoys cooking in the sun or dinner

by candlelight, and gives the family a lot of communication and warmth.

Master bedroom with walk-in cloakroom. A reception hall becomes a surprise

on the second floor, creating a comfortable choice for the family's dynamic

and static life.






LOT 60

In the first floor villa, the layout is square, the U-shaped kitchen separates the bar function, makes full use of the stair space, the dry and wet separation, the living room is connected with the dining room, the open door is open to the view at any time, and the rest room in

the independent world at the door is convenient for leisure and entertainment, which can accommodate many private spaces for the family. Unique "U" stair design, making the

second floor more open;The second floor is specially designed for private living space planning, with three bedrooms with double-sided lighting, the main bedroom facing north,

transparent and bright, narrow and long corridor connecting all spaces, meticulous






A Perfect Home To Start A Family


LOT 61& 62

The spacious living room and dining room on the first floor are connected in a large area, with multiple floor sliding doors, which connect the out door space, and increase the outdoor activity space; the light is transparent and comfortable, so that you can enjoy the beautiful green. The two floor of the three bedroom, the main bedroom facing the north, enjoy the natural scene transformation, draw the concise architectural essence, and design the sloping roof according to local conditions, no matter from function or aesthetics, it conveys the traditional residence wisdom of New Zealand.

80 Fred Taylor Drive, Massey, Auckland

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